The Struggle vs The Battle

I’ve talked before about the importance of using the right language when talking about mental health issues. Today, I want to expand on that by looking at two ways that I talk about my experience: the struggle vs the battle. I don’t know that I intend any difference between the two terms. I use them […]

Dysmorphia: Mental illness and verbose self-indulgence

Editors Note: Today we have a guest post from Kati Sorensen-Young. Kati recently opened up about her experiences with dysmorphia and was generous enough to allow it to be re-posted here. For those who are unfamiliar with dysmorphia (which apparently includes spell check), the Mayo Clinic defines it as a mental illness “in which you […]

Self-Care Starts With Self Honesty 

Self-care is essential for managing any mental illness. There are days that I just can’t handle the world. I need coffee and Netflix and a cat on my lap. I need rest. I need self-care. But that is only possible if I am honest with myself.  On the surface, this starts with being honest with […]

Medication Monday: Celexa

Today’s installment of Medication Monday is taking a look at the antidepressant Celexa (citalopram). Like some of the other antidepressants I’ve discussed in this series, Celexa is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which works by adjusting the levels of various neurotransmitters in your brain.  Celexa may help with depression, and may also offer users […]

Dissociation and Depression

As I mentioned yesterday, the last few weeks have been rough for me and my depression. This depressive episode came with all the typical symptoms of depression, and one added one: dissociation. According to the Mayo Clinic, dissociation involves, “experiencing a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions and identity.” The common […]

Launching from Depression

I am currently emerging from a moderate to severe depressive episode that lasted the last several weeks. It sucked. Correction: it fucking sucked. Correction: it really fucking sucked. You get the picture.  A depression is dark and humorless. You have no energy and no interest in the things around you. You force yourself through the […]