There are many tools one can use to fight back against their mental illness. One such tool, a tool I have not used, is gratitude journaling. The idea is simple. Mental illness creates negative, intrusive thoughts, and gratitude journaling creates positive thoughts. But like I said, I haven’t used it.  I haven’t used it because […]

The Not So Little Lies of Depression and Anxiety 

Mental illness lies. Even worse, it is a very good liar. The value of therapy is that someone objective can challenge those lies. Even better, they can teach you how to challenge those lies for yourself. Here is an example from my therapy session yesterday:  Me: I just want it to be easy.  Therapist: What […]

The Terrible Tag Team

I have both anxiety and depression. That isn’t particularly rare. I’ve heard from many people who struggle with both disorders. However, I wanted to take a minute to describe how this terrible tag team torments my life.  Anxiety for me is a constant worry, a constant fear, even though it is difficult to identify exactly […]

Medication Monday: Xanax

Another week and another Monday means another Medication Monday post. Today’s medication is Xanax (Alprazolam), an anxiety medicine that will likely be familiar to many individuals, not just those suffering from mental illness, due to it’s popularity in popular culture. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is in hip-hop, where the drug was first […]

Sunday: A Day of Rest

Faith is a big part of my recovery. It is a big part of how I manage my mental illnesses. I don’t talk about it on here as often as I probably should, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. However, the fact is that whether you are a person of faith or not, there […]

Ranic Attacks

I have never suffered a full blown panic attack. However, I do sometimes suffer ranic attacks. Don’t know what those are? That’s okay, neither did spell check. Probably because I just made it up. Ranic attacks are a combination of rage and panic. They usually happen when I am stuck at work or stuck in […]

Bonus Friday The 13th Post!

I love Friday the 13th. So, since that is today, you get a bonus post! (Dat-Dat-Da!) I love Friday the 13th because 13 is my lucky number, but also because so many people consider it unlucky. They consider it cursed. Maybe it is because of how dark and twisted I often feel on the inside, […]