Please Ignore My Ass. And My Anxiety

On Tuesday I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans. They were immensely comfortable, seeming to have been crafted especially for me. We all have a pair of pants like that. Unfortunately, tragedy struck.  Tragedy struck when I snagged the back of my jeans on something, probably while getting off the commuter train that morning. […]


…apparently not. Last post I wrapped up by saying that I would hopefully be more put together, but sadly that is not the case as my anxiety is still wreaking havoc. For those who don’t have the joy of generalized anxiety disorder, let me give you a brief preview.  I didn’t put food in the […]

Pop Goes The Pop

One of the adjustments I made when I moved to the Midwest was that soda became pop. Pop of course is what pop also does if shaken too much. And thinking about pop going pop is a pretty darn good analogy for my anxiety.  My anxiety, like the carbonation in pop, seems to always be […]

Medication Monday: Placebos 

It sadly is not a trick of the mind. It is in fact Monday again. But that doesn’t just mean that it is time for most of us to go back to work. It also means it is time for another Medication Monday, the weekly series that provides brief introduction to mental health medications. Although […]

Shhh! There is A Body Hidden In the Basement

Yesterday, there was a body hidden in my basement. It was me. I was the body that was hidden. I should probably explain. Yesterday, I took a sick day because my anxiety and depression were particularly bad. I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with people. However, there was a problem with my plan. The […]

I Wasn’t Going To Do This, But…

I wasn’t going to make a post today, but as you can see I changed my mind. I wasn’t going to make a post today because my depression and anxiety have been particularly bad all week, but fuck it, if I’m going to have a site telling the stories of mental illness maybe I should […]

Where The Light Shines Through 

Last night, I had a dream. I was in a field, and it was cold, and it was dark. Looking up, I saw purplish blue outlines, cracks in the darkness. Cracks where the light was shining through.  As the dream progressed, the cracks in the darkness became bigger, and it soon became obvious that the […]