Holding The Floodgates Open

Mental illnesses are full of negative feedback loops, which are designed to drag you down and allow the demons of your mental illness to torment you further. For me it is often anxiety that feeds on itself, building anxiety on top of anxiety until I find myself an anxious wreck. Yet the worst is when […]

Trees & Trails to Concrete Canyons

Okay, one last vacation related post. Then I’ll stop subjecting you to tales of my wanderings.  My vacation involved a lot of camping, hiking, and enjoying nature. Now I am back in the claustrophobic rat race that is commuting in a big city. Essentially, I’ve gone from trees and trails to concrete canyons. And I […]

Vacation Hangovers and Appointments with Anxiety

One of the many tricks my depression and anxiety disorders play on me is convincing me that I am a burden to everyone and that I am unwanted. Even though I know it is a lie, it is something I still struggle with. Well this week, coming back from vacation, I got an unwelcome reminder […]

The Devil’s Advocate

A little while back, I talked about the mental health risk that police and firefighters face, hazards that exist in addition to the physical dangers of they’re job. Similarly, soldiers and veterans die every day from suicide while many more suffer on in silence due to the mental health risks of their profession. But sometimes […]

The Dark Tales of Burnout

This week, the World Health Organization redefined occupational burnout, which previously was a vague description of being overworked, but now has specific criteria that workers and employers should use to be on the lookout for burnout. According to the new definition, occupational burnout is characterized by “feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion; increased mental distance […]