I’m Winning…And Possibly Losing My Hearing

Last night, my wife and I went to a little music bar in Chicago to hear a friend of ours who was opening up the live music that night. She was amazing, as she always is. The bar was a charming little place with red walls, black trimming, mini-metal gargoyles guarding the sound board, and […]

Es-ca-pe … It’s spelled like Escape

This post is mostly to let everyone know I’ll be taking the weekend off, but also to talk about the importance of taking time for yourself, even if perhaps you feel guilty for doing so. This weekend, starting about 8 hours ago, I’m visiting my sister in North Carolina, enjoying a change of scenery from […]

How Much Power Will You Let Your Demons Have

In a recent therapy session, my therapist suggested I give my mental illnesses too much power over me. For example, thinking I can’t do something or can’t try something because my anxiety is too high, or that my depression is an excuse for not trying to be better next time. Mental illness creates some limitations […]

Facing My Darkness in The Darkness

Among the tools I use to try to keep my depression and anxiety at bay is floating in a sensory deprivation tank. It involves floating in about 10 inches of water that is saturated with salt to be extremely dense, thus making it easy to float on. The pod can be made to be completely […]

Winning. Even Without the Luck O’ The Irish

Saturday night, on St. Patty’s Day Eve, my wife and I stopped at a local bar that advertised an Irish folk band. The band was excellent, and at one point asked for anyone who knew how to do Irish step dancing to come up and give it a try. Now, my wife and I got […]

When My Demons Meet My Drugs

As promised in my last post, I have more to share from my recent annual physical. More than just the fun of being stabbed repeatedly that is. After talking with my doctor about my depression and anxiety, and the symptoms I’m still experiencing despite weekly therapy sessions, she decided to prescribe me Lexipro, a medication […]

And That Is Why Therapists Are Awfulsome

Therapists are awfulsome. And yes, I know I just invented that word, deal with it while I explain the awfulsomeness of therapists (spell check is really going to hate me today). In my therapy session yesterday, I was talking about how I reacted to a certain situation with someone from my past. My therapist stopped […]