Reminder: DYI Doctoring Is A Big No-No

On my weekly Medication Monday posts, I often use WebMD as a resource. And as background research, WebMD and other reliable resources found through Google are great. They give you basic information that will allow you to be more knowledgable when you talk with medical professionals. Because I know, talking to doctor’s can be confusing. […]

Sometimes A Cough is Just A Cough

Coronavirus. Apparently, my last post didn’t put the issue to rest, and people are still talking about it. And as hard as that is to believe, I figured it was worth a second post over something I’ve noticed happening, sometimes in jest, sometimes in seriousness. And that is people stopping and holding their breath when […]

A Case of Meh

Or you can call it the fog or a lack of spoons, but I prefer meh. It wasn’t a full-blown depression that I was experiencing these last couple days, more just a general aimlessness. It was a difficulty concentrating. A difficulty getting motivated, really just an all-around meh as my depression said what is the […]

Damn You Alexander Graham Bell

I really hate having to talk to people on the phone. I mean friends or family are fine, whatever. I may not be the best at keeping in touch with people, but I can manage calls if I know the person. What I struggle with are business calls. Straightening out a mix-up with insurance, or […]

Progress v. Panic

I was listening to a story from NPR’s 1A the other day that included an in-depth discussion of school shooting prevention and the psychological impact on schoolchildren who now have to participate in things like “active shooter drills.” One of the big takeaways is that these drills, especially if not done right, may cause more […]