Scars and Stigma

I wrote yesterday about how so many of us suffer in silence, battling a darkness that only we can see. And I wrote about how that silence helps feed the horrible stigma that surrounds mental illness. Yet it isn’t just silence that makes it hard for us to open up about our struggles. Often, scars […]

Mental Health and Money

I am by no means an economist, but in true American fashion, I am now going to proceed to talk about something I have little expertise. That isn’t entirely true. Because this post isn’t about how to manage your money, but about money and mental illness. And while I may not have the most financial […]

Crowd or Cold?

We’ve had a couple of significant cold snaps here in the Chicagoland area. In fact, we are coming out of one right now. In light of this fact, the CTA, which operates the city’s public transit system, has heat lamps at many of their outdoor ”L” stops (for those not familiar with Chicago, the ”L” […]

Pets: Pawful Little Pals

I cannot say enough for the power of pets. They don’t judge you. They don’t expect you to be anything more than a warm lap and a filler of bowls, and even in the darkness, you can manage that. Especially in the darkness.  Because when you are struggling sometimes all it takes is a snuggle […]

Please Ignore My Ass. And My Anxiety

On Tuesday I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans. They were immensely comfortable, seeming to have been crafted especially for me. We all have a pair of pants like that. Unfortunately, tragedy struck.  Tragedy struck when I snagged the back of my jeans on something, probably while getting off the commuter train that morning. […]


…apparently not. Last post I wrapped up by saying that I would hopefully be more put together, but sadly that is not the case as my anxiety is still wreaking havoc. For those who don’t have the joy of generalized anxiety disorder, let me give you a brief preview.  I didn’t put food in the […]