Failing to Fail Does Not Mean Succeeding

In my regular therapy session yesterday, my therapist and I were talking about my anxiety and how it drags down my confidence levels, which in turn makes me overly risk-averse. In other words, I fail to fail because I never try. The problem is that failing to fail does not mean succeeding. We are meant […]

Cat-postor Syndrome!

I spend a lot of time thinking about what to share, what not to share, and how I can ultimately make this site better. Looking through the numbers though, it seems what people want is more of my cat Ginny! The little furball is stealing all my glory! It is humorous enough, and she is […]

Emotionally Focused Therapy

  Today, I want to focus on a specific type of therapeutic technique, which is emotionally focused therapy, or EFT. While all therapies need to address an individual’s emotions, EFT focuses on how those emotions impact an individual’s relationships and bonding issues.     It is something I first heard about from my therapist. Because […]

Does This Look Right?

My office is letting employees wear their favorite football gear today, a tip of the hat to the start of the NFL season. So, I dug out an old football jersey and put it on because it is a lot more comfortable than the normal business casual attire I’m supposed to wear. And don’t get […]

Don’t Poke The Demon. And By Poke I Mean Compliment

This week has been rough for me. So you might think that when a client offered unsolicited compliments on my work for my new supervisor, it would have been welcome. It wasn’t.  Depressive episodes make you doubt everything, even whether you’d ever be happy again. Even if you know these are lies, you still can’t […]

The Impostor in the Darkness

Today is one of those days where I feel like I have no right to talk about my battle. It’s one of those days where I’m sure my writing is terrible and that I’m just exaggerating my struggles. It is one of those days where my mental illnesses try to convince me that I don’t […]

Demons Be Damned, I’m Still Going to Live My Life

Yesterday I posted about how a recent vacation to New Orleans was enjoyable, but also exhausting, maybe even down right draining. It might seem counter-intuitive. How could I enjoy something that triggered my anxiety and drained me like that? So, I thought I’d use today’s post to explain. First and foremost, anxiety sucks. I mean […]

Well, That Clearly Can’t Be Right

Last week I received a rather nice compliment from my client after completing a particularly troublesome task for them. I say troublesome not to refer to the difficulty of the project, but rather referring to my feelings about it after I’d finished. I thought it was acceptable at best, but that there was a lot […]