Medication Monday: PTSD

It is Memorial Day, and I wanted to step back from my normal Medication Monday approach of looking at a specific medication, and instead look at a specific condition and the medications that are used for that condition. Specifically, I wanted to look at medications used for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I choose this day […]

Medication Monday: Paxil

Winter seems to be on its way out, but the Mondays just keep coming, and so do the Medication Mondays, the weekly series that offers a brief, informative introduction to the various mental health medications available on the market. While this is not a substitute for medical advice, it is meant to help you be […]

PTSD and Scars

Yesterday, I talked about how scars can prevent those of us who battle the darkness of mental illness from getting the help we need. Today, I want to expand on that by talking about a very real example of that: post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Earlier this year, the Philidelphia Inquirer ran a story about […]

The Dark Tales of PTSD

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. While I haven’t talked much about it because it is not something I have personal experience with, I know others who do struggle with it, and wanted to make sure I discussed it briefly before the calendar pages flip. First, PTSD is not just for first […]

The Undefined King, General, Warrior. And Me

Men. We’re more likely to commit suicide and less likely to seek help or find ourselves in a therapist’s office. And why? While there are many factors, a big part if it is because of a societally constructed view of gender roles. A view of gender roles that is so misguided that it seems to […]

Dark Tales from the Thin Blue Line

Most of the posts on this page are accounts of  my personal struggles with mental health issues. Today though, I want to take a moment to tell the story of another group of people. Police. According to the nonprofit Blue H.E.L.P, 165 police officers took their own lives in 2018, more than all line-of-duty deaths […]