Animals: At Least They’re Honest

I used to work in marine conservation and was once attacked by a shark. Just kidding, shark attacks are incredibly rare and statistically they have more reason to be afraid of us than the other way around. Shame on me for that little lie, but I was curious to see who read my last post. […]

Falling Through The Darkness. Literally.

Okay, so last post I made a comment about the path ending and bad things happening and I said I’d explain next time. Well, this is that story. It was spring of 2008, and I was in the San Juan Islands studying orca whales. Some of my fellow student researchers and I decided to go […]

We Both Have Truths, Are Yours The Same As Mine?

A weird thing happened yesterday. A coworker of mine came over and said, “so I saw you sleeping yesterday, poor thing.” What the fuck, I thought, where was I for this nap? Although, “Uh, I don’t remember that,” is what I actually said. “Yea, you had your head down. It wasn’t until I picked up […]

I Swear I’m Not An Alcoholic or Anything

I got to work yesterday and opened up my bag to discover an empty beer can. Well shit, that isn’t supposed to be there. I got my day planner out and closed my bag, shoving it under the desk, thankful no one had noticed. Because starting off a sentence with, “I swear I’m not an […]

If I Diagnose Myself, Do I Still Have to Pay You?

“How was this week, how were you at working on the things we discussed last time,” my therapist asked. I was about to answer when I was interrupted by a series of bangs from the heating vent. “Ignore that,” she said dismissively, “it is just the heat kicking on.” “Hmm, sounds like an old building or […]