Looking Back and Learning For the Future

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog moving forward. Part of that process has involved looking back on past posts. And in so doing, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve never been good at keeping a personal journal. I have tried many times but never stick with […]

Growing Up In The Darkness 

Being young is always a confusing time, whether you battle mental illness or not. If you do battle mental illness, you may not even realize that you have a condition and that help is available for that condition. I think about that a lot as I prepare to become a father myself.¬† People who knew […]

Medication Monday: Haldol

The world may be shutting down because of Coronavirus, but Medication Monday is rolling on. Medication Monday is the weekly series that offers a brief informative introduction to mental health medications. It is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. After all I am not a doctor or mental health professional so I […]

Familiar Familial Fears

Try saying that three times fast. All joking aside though because this is a serious post. My wife and I are expecting our first child at the end of May. We are, of course, extremely excited. And I am also experiencing the normal range of emotions for a first time father, although how any of […]

Sometimes A Cough is Just A Cough

Coronavirus. Apparently, my last post didn’t put the issue to rest, and people are still talking about it. And as hard as that is to believe, I figured it was worth a second post over something I’ve noticed happening, sometimes in jest, sometimes in seriousness. And that is people stopping and holding their breath when […]

Networking Tips For People Who Hate Networking

Last Friday, I had to attend a continuing legal education conference in Massachusetts. One of the topics of discussion was networking. And based on audience feedback, the presenter decided to talk briefly about how to network if you hate networking, and my ears perked up. Networking is not just important, but sometimes it can be […]

I’ve Been Avoiding Crowds Since Before It Was Cool

Coronavirus, or COVID-19. It seems to be all anyone is talking about these days, so let’s talk about it. It is, of course, a new strain of the coronavirus that is causing panic as it spreads around the globe. And the best defense that experts can offer is to wash your hands, avoid touching your […]