The Dark Tales of PTSD

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. While I haven’t talked much about it because it is not something I have personal experience with, I know others who do struggle with it, and wanted to make sure I discussed it briefly before the calendar pages flip. First, PTSD is not just for first […]

The Unsocial Media

As an introvert with social anxiety issues, I find social media to be a wonderful creation. When the world gets to be too much, I can stay connected while curling up and hiding from the physical world. Yet it can also be extremely dangerous because it, like mental illness, lies to you.  People don’t typically […]

The Mask, and Our Very Own Horror Show

People are hard for me. Trusting them. Interacting with them. Understanding them. And yet all these things that have so escaped me are things I have to do if I want to work, and pay the mortgage, and pay bills, and put food on the table,  and so much more. And so I put on […]

When the Rain Drowns the Storm

I heard a line in a song recently that talked about the rain drowning the storm and thought to myself, well that seems like a perfect metaphor for depression. Because when the rains of depression come, they seem to swallow everything, even the depression itself. But that is just a lie, because mental illness is […]

My Darkest Tale

This post is a struggle for me. But it is a struggle that is worth winning. That I need to win. Not facing it will only give my demons respite from my attempts to oust them from the shadows of my mind. Yesterday my therapist and I revisited my darkest tale, my worst bout of […]

The Dark Tale of My Boom-Smash

Yesterday, I talked about my mental health induced exhaustion, a semi-regular part of my struggle with mental illness. Normally, it just makes the day a challenge as I seek out caffeine the way a dog seeks a bone. Unfortunately, a week and a half ago, my exhaustion led to a more problematic situation. I was […]