Medication Monday: A Year in Review

It is the final Monday of 2019, which means it is time for the final Medication Monday of 2019. And while it might seem silly to do a year in review for something that only started several months ago, that is exactly what I am going to do. Even though I don’t have a full […]

My Mental Health Year In Review

Today is the first of three year-in-reviews that I’m going to be doing. Today’s post reflects on my mental health journey over the last year. Monday’s post will be a look back at the Medication Monday series. Finally, Tuesday will be a year-in-review of the blog as a whole.  So how was my mental health […]

Holiday Recovery

Christmas is now behind us, Hanukkah is moving along, Kwanzaa is just starting, and many of the other year-end traditions are in various stages of completion. Family have come and gone, or maybe the celebrations were a little more low key. Maybe there were friends or feasts, maybe there wasn’t. Maybe you found yourself wishing […]

Medication Mondays: Ativan

We have time for one last Medication Monday before Christmas. But regardless of where you are with your Christmas prep, there is no need to be anxious because this week we are talking about the anti-anxiety medication Ativan (Lorazepam).  Ativan is a medication belonging to the class of medications known as benzodiazepines. It acts by […]

Damn You Baby Yoda

Like so many others, I’ve gotten into Disney Plus. And Star Wars fan that I am, I’m very excited about the Mandalorian. And even if you aren’t into the Mandalorian, you’ve probably seen the memes of Baby Yoda flooding your social media feed. And damn you Baby Yoda, not just because how cute you are, […]

Debriefing Debates, Summarizing Summits 

Yesterday, a lot of things happened in the world of politics, but two things I wanted to draw attention to here. The first was a summit hosted by the White House on mental health issues. And the second was the latest Democratic debate.  First, the White House Mental Health Summit. While the Trump administration should […]