Medication Monday: Selegiline

We’ve once again come to another installment of Medication Monday, the weekly series that looks at some of the mental health medications available. This week, we are looking at Selegiline, a medication that is primarily used to treat Parkinson’s disease, but transdermal (applied to the skin, often using a transdermal patch, Nicoderm patches are another […]

Simple Shaming and Silent Suffering

Having a mental illness is hard for a lot of reasons. The difficulty that comes with enjoying certain activities, the trouble sleeping, the unpleasant side effects of mental health medication, etc. However, it is also hard because of stigma, which can be spread easier than most realize. Examples of shaming people for simple activities is […]

Forming An Alliance With My Darkness

I write a lot about my darkness, my mental illness, the depression and anxiety that make my life a struggle. Frankly, these mental illnesses suck, and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. They have thrown curveballs into my personal relationships, screwed with my sleep, trapped me in a world of terror that only I know, […]

Self-Care From Nature

Since today is Earth Day, I wanted to take a moment to talk about how nature helps with my self-care, and how it can help with your self-care too. I consider myself an environmentalist for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons, perhaps one of the most selfish reasons, is the simple pleasure […]

Cat-tastic Solutions to Writer’s Block

As I was sitting here, trying to decide what to write about today, Ginny cat “helped” by running across the keyboard. And you know what, she is right. I mean sure, she just wrote gibberish, but she didn’t hesitate to put paws to the keyboard so that she could find out what comes out. Either […]

Medication Monday: Rexulti

Welcome to another installment of Medication Monday, the weekly series that offers a brief informative introduction to the various mental health medications that are available (yes, for those of you no longer keeping track of the days, today is Monday). This week, the medication we are looking at is Rexulti (Brexpiprazole). Rexulti is a second-generation […]

Well This Is A New Take On My Social Anxiety

Guys and girls, I went to the store today! And is it ever a sign of the times that leaving the house is a newsworthy event. Yet, going out in the world always caused me a twinge of anxiety. Not enough to keep me from going out before all this happened per se, but enough […]