When I Am The Only One I Trust And I Still Fail

It is difficult for me to trust. Part of that is because of past occasions when I have been burned and part of it is the lies of my mental illness. As such, when I need something done, it is hard because I struggle to let myself trust someone else to do it, even though […]

When Everything is Too Slow or Too Fast

Time likely seems strange to everyone these days, courtesy of the Coronavirus. However, time playing tricks on me, or more accurately mental illness playing tricks with time, is nothing new to me. So often, it will seem like I have all the time in the world, so my mental illness lies to me and tells […]

Getting Into Green Spaces For Mental Health

One of my recent writing assignments was to draft a white paper that examined the benefits of being surrounded by green space and the benefit that has on mental health. I’ve always known that getting into natural settings has been good for mental health, but even I was blown away by the research. To make […]

Good at Therapy, Yoda Would Be

Since yesterday was May the 4th, AKA Star Wars Day, my wife and I watched The Empire Strikes Back. And as I watched Yoda training young Luke Skywalker, I kept thinking how good of a therapist Yoda would be (you know, if the whole Jedi Master thing didn’t work out). In particular, I was struck […]

Medication Monday: Remdesivir

I am once again going to interrupt my regularly scheduled Medication Monday to talk about possible COVID medications as opposed to mental health medications. I do this because COVID-19 is kicking up a lot of added anxiety for a lot of people. Talking about the facts has always helped reduce anxiety for me, so I […]

I Made It Around The Sun Once Again!

Today is my birthday. I haven’t quite gotten to be such an old man that I dread being another year older. My birthday, however, is a great chance for me to beat back the lies of mental illness. With all the birthday wishes coming in from friends and family and loved ones, it is evidence […]

And So The Calendar Flips to May

Today marks the first day of May. Happy May Day everyone. As was the case with the beginning of April, May rolls in looking very strange indeed, as most of us are currently sheltering in place because of the Coronavirus, myself included.   Yet I highlight the change in the calendar for two reasons. The […]

What Will The New Normal Look Like For Mental Health

You hear a lot of people talking these days about what the “new normal” is going to be once things start to open up once again and once the worst of this pandemic is behind us. Yet on several of the discussion boards I’ve looked at recently, there is a talk about how this issue […]

Glimmers of Hope in The Darkest Times

I’ve been researching the history of how society treats mental illness. Of course, once upon a time, serious mental illness was treated as akin to demonic possession, and as someone who battles the demons in my mind, there is a part of me that gets that viewpoint, although what came next was often far more […]