The Stormy Seas of Depression

I want to build upon the ocean theme I talked about yesterday. Specifically, I want to talk about when the waves of depression aren’t rogue and unexpected but instead build as part of a storm. As I mentioned yesterday, I am just coming out of a depressive episode. And while some depressive episodes are like […]

If Only It Were That Easy

To go along with today’s episode of A Light In The Darkness, which discusses how the practices of Lent can help us manage a mental illness, I wanted to add a post here talking about how nice it would be to just give up mental illness during Lent. But of course, that, unfortunately, isn’t the […]

Collectively Challenging the Lies of Mental Illness

I wanted to briefly build on this week’s discussion of suicide and suicide prevention that took place over on my podcast, A Light in The Darkness. Specifically, I wanted to talk about how we all need to do better at helping those in the darkest moments of their battle, those who are suicidal. And we […]

A Light in The Darkness: A Dark Tales Project Podcast

This blog has been helpful for me. The writing has been therapeutic and it has been great seeing comments that remind everyone that you are not alone if you happen to be battling mental illness. And as I announced yesterday, I am starting a new platform to talk about mental health, this time with a […]