Writing the Right Story

I’ve been writing a lot more recently. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and now I certainly have more time given all the time spent at home due to the quarantine. There are many reasons that I love writing, but one of the reasons is because it allows me to indulge my anxiety over getting every word, […]

Succeeding at Nothing

This era of COVID is weird, and not just for people battling mental illness. It seems like we have all the time in the world now that we are all stuck at home. Honestly, is there a reason we aren’t all coming out of this experience with spotless houses while being in the best shape […]

It Is Like Life Is Becoming A Metaphor for My Mental Illnesses

Life has been weird in 2020. There is no doubt about that. Yet the more life rolls along, the more it seems like one giant metaphor for life with my mental illnesses. Let me explain. I battle with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. And these mental illnesses have shaped my personality, turning me […]

When I Am The Only One I Trust And I Still Fail

It is difficult for me to trust. Part of that is because of past occasions when I have been burned and part of it is the lies of my mental illness. As such, when I need something done, it is hard because I struggle to let myself trust someone else to do it, even though […]

When Everything is Too Slow or Too Fast

Time likely seems strange to everyone these days, courtesy of the Coronavirus. However, time playing tricks on me, or more accurately mental illness playing tricks with time, is nothing new to me. So often, it will seem like I have all the time in the world, so my mental illness lies to me and tells […]

Getting Into Green Spaces For Mental Health

One of my recent writing assignments was to draft a white paper that examined the benefits of being surrounded by green space and the benefit that has on mental health. I’ve always known that getting into natural settings has been good for mental health, but even I was blown away by the research. To make […]

What Will The New Normal Look Like For Mental Health

You hear a lot of people talking these days about what the “new normal” is going to be once things start to open up once again and once the worst of this pandemic is behind us. Yet on several of the discussion boards I’ve looked at recently, there is a talk about how this issue […]