Bad Days & Demons Will Play

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I missed my train. In the process of changing my password at work I managed to lock myself out of my work computer. And the Bruins lost, evening the Stanley Cup Final at 2 games each. And while everyone has bad days, mine open the door for my […]

The Demon In The Mirror

Growing up one of the ghost stories I remember hearing was that of Bloody Mary. Say her name three times in front of a mirror and she’d appear and murder you (I know there are many variations on this legend). With the wisdom of adulthood I know it is nothing more than a silly superstition, […]

I Hate This Part

I’ve been struggling with several bad days of depression this week. Bad enough to force me to use a sick day yesterday because I couldn’t focus or handle dealing with people. Today I’m at least able to focus enough to work from home, despite still not being able to leave the house or deal with […]

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Last night my depression came back. Fuck. I’d been doing so well too. I curled on the couch watching Netflix, thankful for my cat and my wife. Wishing I could be more present with them. I saw them, I heard them, but felt like I wasn’t able to really connect with them. Recognizing it as […]