I’m Not Emotional, My Cat Just Has Her Claws Out

Yesterday, I had my regular therapy session, which was once again done via Zoom because of the COVID crisis. I was seated comfortably on my recliner in the basement, and everything was going well until my cat decided to get involved. My cat, who wanted attention, or food, or was simply curious about the voice […]

Cat-postor Syndrome!

I spend a lot of time thinking about what to share, what not to share, and how I can ultimately make this site better. Looking through the numbers though, it seems what people want is more of my cat Ginny! The little furball is stealing all my glory! It is humorous enough, and she is […]

The Cat and The Brain

I was at a conference back at the beginning of March (and oh how the world has changed since then) and one of the things I picked up was a small, gray, brain-shaped stress ball. The idea was to manage stress. It sits on my desk and mostly gives me something to mindlessly fiddle with […]

Cat Assisted Meditation

So I wanted to share a cute albeit annoying distraction that occurred during one of my recent efforts to improve my meditation practice. I was distracted by a meowing kitty prowling back and forth across my lap before settling down and wondering why meditation doesn’t include petting the cat.  Yet this was, in fact, a […]