The Demon In The Mirror

Growing up one of the ghost stories I remember hearing was that of Bloody Mary. Say her name three times in front of a mirror and she’d appear and murder you (I know there are many variations on this legend). With the wisdom of adulthood I know it is nothing more than a silly superstition, […]

The Fog

Some of you might have noticed a slow down in my posting the last week or so. Part of this was a real struggle with writer’s block, but as I’ve posted before, I try to write through writer’s block if possible, even if whatever comes out isn’t any good. At least it will get the […]

Just Take My Blood So You’ll Stop Stabbing Me!

Yesterday I had to get blood drawn. I honestly don’t mind it. I mean except for the early morning appointment. And the fact I can’t eat before the appointment. And the fact that everyone I come across reminds me of the fact I haven’t eaten by asking, “have you been fasting.” Yes, I always want […]

I Think. Therefore I Hate Myself. Sometimes

I think, therefore I am. The philosopher René Descartes said that. He was an idiot. All the philosophers were, they were just good at making their bullshit sound deep and meaningful. I actually don’t believe that I’m just jealous of how they got to sit around in a room writing down whatever popped into their […]

And That Is Why Therapists Are Awfulsome

Therapists are awfulsome. And yes, I know I just invented that word, deal with it while I explain the awfulsomeness of therapists (spell check is really going to hate me today). In my therapy session yesterday, I was talking about how I reacted to a certain situation with someone from my past. My therapist stopped […]