Mindfully Mindless Entertainment…With A Cat

This morning I was lying in bed, refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had to start my day for as long as possible as I was weighed down by anxiety, depression, and of course my weighted blanket. My cat decided to join me, possibly because she was looking for company, but also possibly because […]

Another Story of 25

This post feels a little weird to write because it is the blogging equivalent of standing on the shoulder of giants. And the inspiration for this post is a giant to me. Her name is Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess), and if you don’t know her work, you should because it is amazing. Jenny talks […]

Rainy Day Joys

I woke up today to a cloudy, gray, rainy day. And I loved it. Sure, I didn’t have to go out today so I could enjoy it from inside with a nice cup of coffee, but that isn’t why I loved it. I loved it because I love the rain.   And I know I […]

Damn You Baby Yoda

Like so many others, I’ve gotten into Disney Plus. And Star Wars fan that I am, I’m very excited about the Mandalorian. And even if you aren’t into the Mandalorian, you’ve probably seen the memes of Baby Yoda flooding your social media feed. And damn you Baby Yoda, not just because how cute you are, […]

Please Ignore My Ass. And My Anxiety

On Tuesday I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans. They were immensely comfortable, seeming to have been crafted especially for me. We all have a pair of pants like that. Unfortunately, tragedy struck.  Tragedy struck when I snagged the back of my jeans on something, probably while getting off the commuter train that morning. […]


…apparently not. Last post I wrapped up by saying that I would hopefully be more put together, but sadly that is not the case as my anxiety is still wreaking havoc. For those who don’t have the joy of generalized anxiety disorder, let me give you a brief preview.  I didn’t put food in the […]