Marathons and Mental Illness. 

I wrote yesterday about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and how it is about using objective facts and positive reinforcement to redirect negative thoughts. Yet it isn’t a process that happens overnight. Battling mental illness is a marathon, not a sprint.  And no one expects a runner to get up and run 26 miles without training, […]

Anxiety’s Restless Acts

It can be hard for me to stay still. If you are talking to me, it is more likely than not that I am bouncing my foot or tapping my fingers or something similar. When I am thinking through a problem, I’ll often take to pacing around the room, although I’ve learned not to do this […]

Trees & Trails to Concrete Canyons

Okay, one last vacation related post. Then I’ll stop subjecting you to tales of my wanderings.  My vacation involved a lot of camping, hiking, and enjoying nature. Now I am back in the claustrophobic rat race that is commuting in a big city. Essentially, I’ve gone from trees and trails to concrete canyons. And I […]

Update: Vacationing, but Packed My Anxiety

I haven’t posted as much this week (and by as much I mean at all) because my wife and I have been on vacation. Vacations are necessary, an escape from the stresses of normal life, but when you struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, you end up packing your anxiety with you. The anxiety presents itself […]

The Mistakes of My Mental Health Fog

Anxiety can sometimes trap me in my own head, making it hard to focus on what is going on in the outside world. Depression causes me to become disconnected, and similarly distracted from what is going on around me. Both of them mess with my sleep, and the ensuing fatigue makes it even harder to […]

When the Rain Drowns the Storm

I heard a line in a song recently that talked about the rain drowning the storm and thought to myself, well that seems like a perfect metaphor for depression. Because when the rains of depression come, they seem to swallow everything, even the depression itself. But that is just a lie, because mental illness is […]

Exhaustion’s Dark Tales

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted to write for today’s post. I mean, I have several ideas for future posts, but not nearly enough energy to write them. I actually didn’t know what I could write, given the energy levels I currently have. But, nevertheless I am going to […]