The Dark Tales of Others

I try to be honest about my struggles with mental illnesses for two reasons. First, because it is therapeutic for me. It forces me to examine my demons in a way that only pouring them into words can accomplish. It gives me new perspective. Sometimes that wounds me more. Overall though it is definitely for […]

The Demon In The Mirror

Growing up one of the ghost stories I remember hearing was that of Bloody Mary. Say her name three times in front of a mirror and she’d appear and murder you (I know there are many variations on this legend). With the wisdom of adulthood I know it is nothing more than a silly superstition, […]

Apparently Word Choice Matters

I’ve been criticized in the past for using my anxiety and depression as a crutch, as a get out of jail free card if you will. At first, I was annoyed. After all it wasn’t my choice to have mental illnesses. And there are things that are challenging for me because of them, even with […]

I’m Winning…And Possibly Losing My Hearing

Last night, my wife and I went to a little music bar in Chicago to hear a friend of ours who was opening up the live music that night. She was amazing, as she always is. The bar was a charming little place with red walls, black trimming, mini-metal gargoyles guarding the sound board, and […]

The Devil I Know

I posted yesterday about how my therapist wanted me to know myself better and planned to help me make a “map of the tree of my mental illness.” First of all, anything that helps me be rid of the demons of mental illness, or at least lessen their grip, is a welcome thing. Yet at […]

The Twisted Tree of My Darkness

In my therapy session yesterday, we were talking about how well I know myself. Knowing myself, it turns out, is very helpful in rejecting the lies of depression. And it is something I struggle with. To help, my therapist came up with a visual. A tree. Who you are at your core, she explained, that […]

Hmm, So That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Today I had a follow up regarding my medication. Mental health meds typically take time to start working, and often need adjustments to the dose. In my case, since I was still experiencing symptoms of anxiety, my dose was bumped up. However, while discussing side effects I mentioned I was feeling more tired, which surprised […]