Thought Battles

This week my therapist was explaining that it is impossible to properly focus on two thoughts at the same time. At least, I think that is what she said, I was busy thinking about something else at that particular moment. The point, and I do have a point, is that this reality is bad news […]

Oh The Places I’ve Been

Yesterday I got a message about my 10 year college reunion. There are many reasons for me to say no. Many of these people I avoided when I was actually in college because that would have required me to be social (no thank, courtesy of my anxiety), and so it is hard for me to […]

Well Fuck, This is Exhausting

Having mental illness is exhausting. Yes, depression is exhausting in that it drains you of energy or willpower, even for things you truly enjoy. Yes, it is exhausting because all the things you know are lies, that you know are ridiculous, but still stress you to the point of needing to retreat to a safe […]

Turns Out Depression Is a Reason to be Angry

Recently, NPR highlighted the fact that anger and a short temper can be signs of depression. Traditionally, the primary symptoms associated with depression were feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, and/or loneliness. Now it looks like anger should be added to that list. As I was listening to this I found it interesting, but not applicable to me. […]

Working Hard at Laziness

Last month I was swamped at work, working harder than I ever had in my current role. Yet, as is so often the case with my mental illness, it still didn’t feel like enough. I still felt lazy. In anything I do, work around the house, my career, my studies, I never feel it is […]