When The Demons Fight Back It Means You Are On The Right Road

The demons of mental illness are devilishly tricky opponents. They hide in the shadows of your mind, whispering lies that are impossibly believable. And when you go to therapy, when you open up to loved ones, when you try to shine a light on them, it is uncomfortable, and often leaves you feeling raw and […]

Looking Back and Learning For the Future

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog moving forward. Part of that process has involved looking back on past posts. And in so doing, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve never been good at keeping a personal journal. I have tried many times but never stick with […]

A Reminder This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be hard for a lot of people. It used to be hard for me because I feared I was unlovable. Yet that is just the lies mental illness likes to whisper. Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to them no matter where you are in life or how your romantic prospects look. […]

In The Shadow of The Darkness

I am fortunate. I am fortunate because I have a support system, and a therapist, and access to medication. It is still far more of a challenge than it should be, with plenty of headaches along the way, but nevertheless, I consider myself lucky and I hope that I can spread some of that luck […]