Looking Back on Mental Health Awareness Month

Today brings Mental Health Awareness Month to a close. Of course, for mental health advocates, the mission of spreading awareness and combating the stigma surrounding mental illness will continue long after the calendar pages flip. But in the meantime it is important to look back on what this year’s awareness month brought. Close to home […]

100 Dark Tales

Today marks my 100th post. In that time, I’ve been struck by both the very sincere responses that I’ve seen and by the bravery and honesty of others I’ve connected with since starting this blog. Talking about the dark tales of mental illness may start as a whisper, but as more people join the conversation […]

Shining a Light on Our Dark Tales: Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While the fight against the demons of mental health is constant, existing every month and every day, this month is an opportunity to spread the awareness of that fight further. Because as the tagline for this site says, the demons of mental health hate having their story told. Since […]