November is Men’s Mental Health Month. Why do men get their own mental health month? Because even though women are more likely to be diagnosed, men are more likely to deal with their mental illness with drugs, alcohol, or worse, suicide. And so Movember is doing something to further men’s health. First of all, they […]

A Moment for Mindfulness

My therapist has been pushing me to practice mindfulness. It is a little odd to me that part of the treatment for being anxious about everything is to literally sit still and do nothing, but since my anxiety is usually based on nothing more than my the deceit of my broken brain, maybe sitting and […]

Keep Calm, or You’ll Miss the Turtles

Last summer I went scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. It was extraordinary. I’d never seen a place where you could be 80 feet down and still feel like the surface was right there. However, I unfortunately didn’t get as much opportunity to enjoy the first of the two dives because of my anxiety. You see, […]

Homeless, or Maybe Just My Mind Is

  Working in downtown Chicago, I pass homeless people everyday on the streets. Of course I feel pity for them. If I have spare change I typically give it to them, although I rarely have spare change. But I also feel something else. Fear. I fear one day ending up like them. I know that […]

Thought Battles

This week my therapist was explaining that it is impossible to properly focus on two thoughts at the same time. At least, I think that is what she said, I was busy thinking about something else at that particular moment. The point, and I do have a point, is that this reality is bad news […]