A non-love letter to my mental illnesses

Dear Mental Illnesses, I want to say fuck you. I want to say that because of the dark and twisted ways you mess with my life, because of the lies you whisper lovingly in my ear, and because, especially on days like today, you make me feel alone and isolated, unworthy of the good things […]

Well Fuck, This is Exhausting

Having mental illness is exhausting. Yes, depression is exhausting in that it drains you of energy or willpower, even for things you truly enjoy. Yes, it is exhausting because all the things you know are lies, that you know are ridiculous, but still stress you to the point of needing to retreat to a safe […]

Turns Out Depression Is a Reason to be Angry

Recently, NPR highlighted the fact that anger and a short temper can be signs of depression. Traditionally, the primary symptoms associated with depression were feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, and/or loneliness. Now it looks like anger should be added to that list. As I was listening to this I found it interesting, but not applicable to me. […]

The Smoking Gun and the Red Herring that is Mental Illness

This week, as with so many other weeks, this nation witnessed a community in grief, torn apart by senseless gun violence. The scenario, so familiar to so many of us, brought grief that those mourning the losses couldn’t even imagine. The responses too, were all too familiar. Calls for better gun control laws on one […]