Holding The Floodgates Open

Mental illnesses are full of negative feedback loops, which are designed to drag you down and allow the demons of your mental illness to torment you further. For me it is often anxiety that feeds on itself, building anxiety on top of anxiety until I find myself an anxious wreck. Yet the worst is when […]

Bursts of Creative Light, Shrouded In Darkness

I love to write, and I feel like everyday I come up with one or two ideas that I think would make a good story. The problem is I also struggle with depression and anxiety, horrid demons that rob me of motivation to do anything, even the things that I love. And even when I […]

Weekend Wellness: An Update on Self Care

Today I woke up with just a hint of depression. Not the all encompassing major depressive episodes that leave me stuck in bed because the energy of moving is just too much and it is impossible to feel hopeful about anything, but rather just a twing of depression, a I’d-get-out-of-bed-if-I-could-see-a-point-to-doing-so-but-right-now-I-just-don’t-see-it type of depression. I’ve been […]

The Sound of Silence

I am lucky that I can wear headphones when I’m in my office, so long as there isn’t a client visiting that day. Music and podcasts are essential to helping me get through some of the more mundane parts of my job. Yet sometimes the headphones are simply a barrier between me and the rest […]

But Why Does Healthy Have to Hurt?

Yesterday, I went out and got my flu shot (despite the less than stellar description I’m about to give I highly encourage all of you to get it as well). I didn’t really think too much more about the shot until last night, while trying to sleep, when I rolled onto that arm, and was […]