Oh The Places I’ve Been

Yesterday I got a message about my 10 year college reunion. There are many reasons for me to say no. Many of these people I avoided when I was actually in college because that would have required me to be social (no thank, courtesy of my anxiety), and so it is hard for me to […]

Animals: At Least They’re Honest

I used to work in marine conservation and was once attacked by a shark. Just kidding, shark attacks are incredibly rare and statistically they have more reason to be afraid of us than the other way around. Shame on me for that little lie, but I was curious to see who read my last post. […]

Defenses Down

This week has been brutal for me. Waking up at 4 am and then having 10 hour days in the office. So some might think that I’d jump at any chance to unwind. But, when I got an invitation to go out for drinks last night, I declined. I declined not because I was tired […]