Medication Monday X2: Schizophrenia Medications

This week there are two Medication Monday posts! The first, which I posted earlier today, focused on PTSD medications. Focusing on PTSD makes sense of course since it is Memorial Day and understanding PTSD may help prevent more soldiers from falling after the battle has ended. However, it also makes sense to talk about schizophrenia […]

Glimmers of Hope in The Darkest Times

I’ve been researching the history of how society treats mental illness. Of course, once upon a time, serious mental illness was treated as akin to demonic possession, and as someone who battles the demons in my mind, there is a part of me that gets that viewpoint, although what came next was often far more […]

Simple Shaming and Silent Suffering

Having a mental illness is hard for a lot of reasons. The difficulty that comes with enjoying certain activities, the trouble sleeping, the unpleasant side effects of mental health medication, etc. However, it is also hard because of stigma, which can be spread easier than most realize. Examples of shaming people for simple activities is […]

Will History Have Its Eyes On Us? If So, What Will History See?

History. It is the story of where we’ve been. In the Broadway hit¬†Hamilton,¬†we are told that “history has its eyes on you.” If that is true, what will it see when it comes to society’s treatment of mental illness? On the one hand, our record has improved greatly from the dark days of asylums, forced […]

The State of Mental Health in This Here Union

Last night was President Trump’s State of the Union address. And I don’t care what you thought about it. I don’t care whether you agreed with it or wanted to follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead and rip it up. I don’t care because I am going to talk about the one thing that is never talked […]

Scars and Stigma

I wrote yesterday about how so many of us suffer in silence, battling a darkness that only we can see. And I wrote about how that silence helps feed the horrible stigma that surrounds mental illness. Yet it isn’t just silence that makes it hard for us to open up about our struggles. Often, scars […]