Smiles and Suicide

I said that my last post was one I really struggled with. I think this one might be even harder for me. Apparently, this is the week for me to rip open old scars and talk about the tough shit. I promise my next post will be something more fun, like me almost getting stabbed […]

The Smoking Gun and the Red Herring that is Mental Illness

This week, as with so many other weeks, this nation witnessed a community in grief, torn apart by senseless gun violence. The scenario, so familiar to so many of us, brought grief that those mourning the losses couldn’t even imagine. The responses too, were all too familiar. Calls for better gun control laws on one […]

Finding The Right Words

I wrote yesterday’s post, in part, so I could get to today’s post. Defining what mental illness is and what living with mental illness is like is important because it offers those who don’t have any frame of reference for what it is like to live with a mental illness a better understanding of the […]