Thought Battles

This week my therapist was explaining that it is impossible to properly focus on two thoughts at the same time. At least, I think that is what she said, I was busy thinking about something else at that particular moment. The point, and I do have a point, is that this reality is bad news […]

Little Boy Blue and the Man in The Moon

I have struggled a lot with this post. I’ve struggled with it because it is about my father. I have a complicated relationship with him, and am unsure how best to approach that relationship, much less talk about it here. He is a big part of my story, an inescapable part, and I’ve told him […]

Where the Wild Things Are

This past weekend I got the chance to take a quick weekend trip to Colorado. Over the course of my whirlwind weekend, I managed to squeeze in time for a brief hike with family. Given that later weekend events involved crowds and noise, things that typically stress my anxiety, my little trip into nature had […]

If I Diagnose Myself, Do I Still Have to Pay You?

“How was this week, how were you at working on the things we discussed last time,” my therapist asked. I was about to answer when I was interrupted by a series of bangs from the heating vent. “Ignore that,” she said dismissively, “it is just the heat kicking on.” “Hmm, sounds like an old building or […]

The Awkwardness Means Its Working. Right?

I had my regular session with my therapist yesterday. First, before I get into anything, I want to say I fully support seeing a therapist. Having someone to talk to, who is trained to help you with your struggles, is incredibly crucial if you want to have more good days then bad. There is no […]