Trees & Trails to Concrete Canyons

Okay, one last vacation related post. Then I’ll stop subjecting you to tales of my wanderings.  My vacation involved a lot of camping, hiking, and enjoying nature. Now I am back in the claustrophobic rat race that is commuting in a big city. Essentially, I’ve gone from trees and trails to concrete canyons. And I […]

Vacation Hangovers and Appointments with Anxiety

One of the many tricks my depression and anxiety disorders play on me is convincing me that I am a burden to everyone and that I am unwanted. Even though I know it is a lie, it is something I still struggle with. Well this week, coming back from vacation, I got an unwelcome reminder […]

Back to Reality

….And we’re back. Thank you all for your patience during the relative radio silence of the last week. As you may know from my last post, I was on vacation for the whole week, often with only spotty connections to the internet.  The escape from the hustle and bustle of my normal life was a […]

Update: Vacationing, but Packed My Anxiety

I haven’t posted as much this week (and by as much I mean at all) because my wife and I have been on vacation. Vacations are necessary, an escape from the stresses of normal life, but when you struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, you end up packing your anxiety with you. The anxiety presents itself […]

Demons Be Damned, I’m Still Going to Live My Life

Yesterday I posted about how a recent vacation to New Orleans was enjoyable, but also exhausting, maybe even down right draining. It might seem counter-intuitive. How could I enjoy something that triggered my anxiety and drained me like that? So, I thought I’d use today’s post to explain. First and foremost, anxiety sucks. I mean […]