Back Into The Fray

The first day back after a long weekend is never easy, regardless of whether you struggle with a mental illness or not. For those who don’t struggle, it can be hard to pull yourself away from the bed after getting to sleep in the last few days. For me though, going back into the fray […]

Bringing My Mental Illness into The Workplace

I’ve made a couple references to the fact that I was in the process of seeking a reasonable accommodation under the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) for my depression and anxiety. I’ve refrained from talking too much about it because it was an ongoing process. Fortunately, my employer and I recently reached an agreement for […]

I’m Just Tired, And Other Lies I Tell

I try to be as open an honest about my struggles with depression and anxiety as possible, but sometimes I slip. Yesterday was such a moment. As I’ve said, between the added anxiety of the accommodation process I am going through at work and the regular stress of the work itself, I am absolutely drained. […]