Bursts of Creative Light, Shrouded In Darkness

I love to write, and I feel like everyday I come up with one or two ideas that I think would make a good story. The problem is I also struggle with depression and anxiety, horrid demons that rob me of motivation to do anything, even the things that I love. And even when I […]

Surviving. Barely. But With Writer’s Block

The last few weeks I’ve been negotiating with my employer about the best accommodation for my anxiety and depressive disorders. The process has actually stressed both disorders considerably, and on top of the daily stressors of work and crowded commutes, has left me absolutely drained at the end of each day.  Without energy, I struggle […]

The Fog

Some of you might have noticed a slow down in my posting the last week or so. Part of this was a real struggle with writer’s block, but as I’ve posted before, I try to write through writer’s block if possible, even if whatever comes out isn’t any good. At least it will get the […]

Writing Without Wrongs

I sat down to write this post, only to spend 30 minutes beginning it and deleting it, feeling the need to clean up what few words managed to spill out onto the page. I had writer’s block. Writer’s block for me is troublesome for two reasons. First of all, I tend to be very hard […]